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Use this form to RSVP to CEE 1 Workshops hosted by ASCE at UCLA! More info about these workshops can be found at our website http://www.ascebruins.org/cee-1.html or contact Amberly Bark at amberlybark@gmail.com
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The following workshops require lab safety training: Earthquake Engineering, Water Treatment, Geotechnical Engineering, and Concrete Chemistry & Mix Design
Lab safety training is REQUIRED to take part in any ASCE projects in the future, be a part of any research lab on campus, and take part in some lab classes. Everyone pretty much has to do at some point throughout their UCLA experience, so why not just take it now!! :)) It shouldn't take much longer than a half an hour!

To sign-up for lab safety training, use this link below!! (It will take you about a half hour to complete online)

The following workshops require a SEASnet account: Construction Management and AutoCAD Drafting and Design
You will need a SEASnet account for future civil engineering classes, so you may as well just make an account now!

Visit http://www.seasnet.ucla.edu/seasnet-accounts/ to sign-up for a SEASnet account online or go to BH 2684 in person prior to your workshop.

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