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Horizon First Year Retreat Leaders will be picked at the end of first semester.(Horizon Applications are closed) All other positions: March 19, 2017 Discernment Day / Interviews on a rolling basis / Companion Invitations March 21-29th
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Leadership Expectations
Leadership Expectations: University Ministry Leaders serve a term of one year (start and end dates vary) in their specific position. Each leadership position requires an estimated average of 5 hours of service per week (weekly meetings with Ministry staff, meetings with participants, meeting preparation / research). Additionally, Ministry Leaders must participate two of three reflections and workshops held each year for personal growth and development. This includes, but is not limited to August / September Training, days of reflection, the January Leadership Summit, and the April Training with RAs and PTV leaders. Finally, this application is also accompanied by a personal interview, participation in the “Discernment Day”, and attendance at the Leadership Welcome Mass.
Ministry Companion Positions
Faith Sharing Communities (2 positions available)
Faith Sharing Communities are groups of 5-7 people who meet weekly for prayer and discussion. We seek to create communities of invitation and hospitality so that we may each grow in faith and authenticity in our own way. Together, we ask questions, sit with matters of the heart, and support one another along the way.

Immersion Trips (8 positions available)
Trip Leaders are responsible for preparation and implementation of each trip they are assigned. This includes but is not limited to publicity, recruitment, interviewing, selecting participants and orienting them before the trip begins. Trip Leaders meet with a staff member twice a month.

Liturgical Ministers (Sacristan) (4 positions available)
Sacristans take a leadership role in the Sunday 9pm mass. They assist ministry staff in setting up for the 9:00 PM Mass, assist the priest during the Mass, and clean up after the Mass. They also work to build community with students who attend mass by greeting them as they come to mass, engage in conversation after mass and work to bring new faces to mass each week.

Outdoor Retreat (2 positions available)
The Outdoor retreat takes place in the fall and Companions will work with Ministry staff to plan retreat content, advertise for the retreat and recruit participants. They will be trained in small and large group facilitation skills.

Womens' Retreat (1-2 positions available)

Mens' Retreat (1-2 positions available)

Spring Explore Retreat (2 positions available)
This retreat offers students an opportunity to explore in more depth some of life’s ultimate questions – Who am I? What are my priorities? How do I use my gifts and talents to serve others? How do I maintain a sense of balance in my life? Where and how has God been present in my life? This retreat is open to students of all faith backgrounds; No prior retreat experience is required. The retreat is led by a team of diverse students and offers ample time for large and small group discussions and activities, as well as individual prayer and reflection, communal prayer, and free time. Leaders will work alongside Ministry staff to plan content, icebreakers, talks and will take the lead in running the weekend-long retreat.

Ignatian Family Teach-In (2 positions available)
The Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice is an annual gathering to come together in the context of social justice and solidarity to learn, reflect, pray, network, and advocate together. Teach-In Companions will meet bi-weekly, starting in Spring 2016 to plan reflections, pre and post trip meetings as well as advocacy and action plans. Companions will also assist Ministry in recruitment.

Service in the City (2 positions available)
Service in the City provides weekly service opportunities for students looking to fulfill academic, club or organization requirements as well as students who want to be involved in the larger Detroit community. Service in the City companions will assist Ministry staff in building community partnerships, connecting students to organizations throughout the city, participating in Service and the City and engaging their peers, starting Spring 2016.

Horizons Leader (10-12 positions available)
Horizons is a two-day retreat before classes start (August 20-22, 2017) to help incoming first year students reflect and pray about their transition from high school into college. Responsibilities include planning retreat content, leading a small group and team builders and possibly giving a talk. Afterwards retreat leaders will take part in the Horizons Mentorship Program where they will continue to aid the first year students as they adjust to college life (one event per month first semester). Required dates: January 28, 2017 9a.m.-1p.m. Student Leadership Development Day; bi-monthly meetings second semester; and Thursday, August 17 to Friday, August 18th retreat leader training.

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