Literature Submission Template
This is a template document to submit relevant literature for the project “Desktop Study on Marine Litter including Microplastics in the Arctic.” The project plan was included in the PAME 2017-2019 Work Plan. One of its main tasks is to conduct a “Marine litter literature research by compiling existing and new reports of relevance.”
1. Name of submission
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2. Author(s) / publisher
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3. Year of publication
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4. Type of submission (e.g. report, scientific article, book)
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5. Type of litter
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6. Category (choose multiple if needed)
Origin (Submission on litter generated)
Sources (Submissions on the origin of the marine litter ending up in the Arctic Ocean)
7. Summary
Max 200 Words – abstract copy/paste is fine or similar text. *
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8. Submitter contact information
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9. Link to submission
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