Leadership Aptitude ID Referral Form
This form should be completed for students who are ONLY seeking GT identification for an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) in the specific talent aptitude of Leadership, and who are planning to remain at their current neighborhood, option or charter school. However if you would like your child considered for the GT Center program at a GT Center school, you also need to apply on the GT Center application located on the GT website https://goo.gl/y79F7h.

The talent aptitude ID process could take several weeks to complete. Parents will be notified via email regarding GT identification and/or the creation of an ALP.

This form in no way guarantees that an identification will be made. After the form is submitted, an identification process will begin which will include a body of evidence (BOE) review for your student. During the process, further information and testing may be required for your student. At the end of the process a status/determination will be made by a data review team regarding identification. If at anytime during this process you have questions, please reach out to your school's Gifted & Talented Resource Teacher. The 2018-19 GT Resource Teacher assignments can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u1FmtBPKp0YrWIjW8ADChIq19WwIK9WQ/view?usp=sharing.

Please complete the Parent Narrative form in addition to this form for GT identification. The Parent Narrative can be found at https://forms.gle/9bsYffVhSao8dCyK9.

The district supports the use of electronic communication by staff. Security of district computer systems is a high priority however; the district cannot guarantee the confidentiality of email communication. Requests to prohibit email communication regarding among other things, ALP application, data or testing information should be sent to: GT Department, 1829 Denver West Drive. #27, Golden, CO. 80401.
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Personal Identification Information (PII) Request and Information
It is Jeffco Schools policy to receive permission from parents before emailing anything with PII. Throughout the referral/identification process, the GT Department may need to communicate and/or send documents to you that contain PII. Please read and respond to the required question below regarding PII:
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If you have additional data for your student, please email it to gtinform@jeffco.k12.co.us.
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