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In the summer of 2022, the Wichita, Valley Center and Goddard areas in Kansas will play host to a 4-team summer collegiate softball league.  This league will attract players from all over the mid-west, and potentially across the country.  In order for a league like this to succeed we will need to find several host families for the players that come in from out of town.

If you have interest in being a Host Family, or would like more information, we invite you to look through the information below.


-The Importance of Host Families-

Our players will be housed by local volunteer families who allow the athletes to become part of the community during the season.  Host Families are a crucial part of our success.  A host family is one of the most important and influential aspects of a softball player’s summer league experience.  Many of the players in our league will be in a brand new environment, away from both school and home. The goal of the program is to help players adjust to moving to a new area, assist them as they get acquainted with the community, and provide a safe and stable living environment.  It also provides an opportunity for the community to assist in the development of these players on and off the field.  Our organization strongly believes the relationships that are forged between players and their host families will be memorable and will last a lifetime.
-Host Family Responsibilities-
Host families are asked to provide housing for their assigned player(s) for the duration of their stay June 12th - July 17th .  During that span, host families should provide:
1.  One to two meals per day, depending on their schedule. Since games are at night, some players will sleep later in the day and not eat breakfast.  Some evening meals will be with the team at the ballpark.
2.  A bed and access to a bathroom and a laundry facility for the player you are housing.
3.  Access to your house, usually by key or garage door opener/ code.
4.  Parking for a vehicle.
5.  A list of House Rules must be provided to your assigned player.
6.  All player's and host families will abide by the laws of the State of Kansas.

Host families are not required to provide a vehicle for players. Many of the players will have their own car, so a place to park will be necessary. If the player does not have a car, you may choose to lend him a vehicle, but that is entirely at your discretion and risk. Host families are not required to provide insurance for players; medical insurance is covered by  their parents and the league.
Beyond that, we ask that you provide a welcoming family environment for our players. For the month players are in the area, host families are providing more than just housing, but a home. We simply request that you make them feel at home.
-Host Family Benefits-
1. When you become a host family, you’ll be adding a new member to your family.  Players will be appreciative of the effort you will be making as a host family and can serve as positive role models for your children.

2.  Yes, these are college-age kids, but they must be respectful of their host family environment – nothing less will be tolerated by the organization.
3.  Host families will also receive season tickets. Families are sure to love the excitement and entertainment of our softball league and the players enjoy seeing their host families in the stands.

4.  The longest lasting benefit of becoming a host family is the bond that will be forged between your family and a player, hopefully a relationship that lasts for years.  Players and their host families have been known to keep in contact long after playing careers ended, remaining friends and sharing family milestones.

If you would like to be added to the list to be contacted when players are being placed with host families please fill out the questionnaire below.  Again, Host Families are a crucial part of our success...Thank you for your consideration!  
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