Ramadhan Youth Camp 2018
Organised by Bayaan Association
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Camp Rules & Regulations
Objective: Main purpose for the camp to benefit the youth. To instill Islamic values in everywhere they go. Imparting and practicing the core values of Islam

1) Schedule
* The camp schedule issued by the Manager must be followed by all campers. Campers should be prompt and punctual to all events. No one is to be excused from classes.

2) Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol & Music
* No form of tobacco, illegal drugs or alcohol are to be used or kept on camp property.
* No playing of music in camping grounds
* No earphone, headphones, speakers and other media devices allowed at all times.

3) Cleanliness
* Cleanliness and respect for grounds and property are expected.
* Throw your trash in trash containers and keep your cabins in order.
* Put your stuff in your own space and keep it as neat as possible.
* Please respect property of others.
* You will be responsible for replacing anything you break that belongs to the camp or to a camper.

4) Reporting Sick
* At any point of time, campers must report to Manager or Facilitators in case of any emergency or when falling sick

5) Not To Leave Campgrounds
* Campers are not to leave the campgrounds without the permission of the Camp Manager.
* You are to remain in your appointed places at the appointed time. In other words follow your directions and the schedule.
* You will not be permitted in the areas outside the immediate grounds after dark.

6) Character
* A good character must be evidenced at all times.
* Please respect the feelings of your fellow campers.
* Please do not humiliate, embarrass, or behave badly toward any of them.
* Please respect and enjoy the campground, the camp facilities, environment, and all wildlife!
* Please listen carefully to direction and know what is required of you at camp.
* Be a leader and set the example especially for the younger campers.
* It will be rewarding for you to participate and enjoy every part of the camp program.
* Please try to have a good attitude especially you older campers as a role model for the little ones.
* Please be a good example to all by being on time for each planned activity so everyone can enjoy themselves by not having to wait on others

7) Dress
* Cover your aurat at all times.
* Modest and decent dress is expected at all times.
* Do not wear clothes that reveal your aurat when wet, eg light-coloured or thin clothings.
* Prints on t-shirts should not be vulgar or promote haram and near-hram things eg liquor, nightsports, cigarettes, indecent movies, vulgar music groups, in appropriate campaigns.
* Pants must be above the ankles.
* Be prepared to get dirty and wet with sweat. Please prepare a dry set of clothes for sleep.
* Boys shall not remove shirts for recreation periods or at any other time, except in the dressing room or bunk house.

8) Cooperation
* Everyone is expected to fully cooperate with the Manager and staff. The management reserves the right to send home anyone who willfully disobeys.

Please know that if any of the rules are broken, there are consequences and the camper may be asked to leave camp depending on the severity of the infraction and may even be prevented from returning to future camps.
List Of Items To Bring
1. Attire
4 T-shirts for activities
1 T-shirt for sleep
3 Pants for activities (¾ pants and track pants)
1 Long pants for sleep
1 Sport shoe
1 Solat attire
3 Undergarments,
1 Sweater (optional)

2. Toiletries
1 Toothbrush and small toothpaste
1 Towel
1 Soap
1 Slipper

3. Stationeries
1 Notebook
1 Writing tools.

4. Sleeping necessities
1 Pillow (optional)
1 Sleeping bag
1 Blanket (optional)

5. Others
1 Water bottle (at least 500ml)
1 Personal first aid / medication (e.g. band aid, medicated oil, asthma inhaler)

Reporting Date and Location
* Time : 3pm
*Location: 2nd floor Darul Quran Building Masjid Kampung Siglap Classroom 3&4

Our Advice
* Please do not bring any jewellery, valuables and other electronic devices, e.g. mp3 player, ipod.
* Please take note; all handphones will be collected at the beginning of the camp.
* Parents to note; any correspondence with parents will be done via: Akhi Zaidi : 9147 1241 & Akhi Hisham : 9720 4331
Payment details
Please make payment to POSB savings 050-48837-3 and inform Hisham @ 9720433 once payment is made.
Do note that it is a first come and first serve basis. Confirmation of participation upon payment.
Important notes and declaration
I consent to the above applicant, who is my child/ward participating in the above camp and accept all legal and other responsibilities connected with the camp. I hereby indemnify and agree to keep Bayaan Association, its management, servants and organisers of the event fully indemnified against all claims, loss or damage whatsoever in respect of my child’s/ward’s death, injury, disability or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any cause in connection with the camp or his participation therein.
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