Dining Cooking Series
Course # 4: Final Exam- Cooking for Chef Steve (Session 2)
This is our fourth and final cooking class of this semester, we have giveaways for each class as well as extra incentives and certificate if you attend all four classes. If you missed this class last December, you can add this one on to complete the course. (please note you need all 4 classes to complete certificate; knives skills, soups and stocks, proteins and starches and the final exam, but you are still welcome to join if you aren't going for the certificate)
Thursday, May 3
Interested in learning some tips from our chefs on a nutritional easy meal to make in your residence hall? Our next cooking series class will be for 20 people, please fill out the form and the Dining office will contact you with more details if you were one of the first 20. We will also have a wait-list and let students know if we have cancellations.
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For any questions, please contact Dining at HopkinsDining@jhu.edu.
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