Initial Client Survey
This survey will help us build a better understanding of what we can provide you and your company. Please answer the questions as throughly as possible. Once I've reviewed your answers, we will set up a follow up meeting to discuss next steps.
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Business name?
Site Traffic
Monthly unique visitors to your site?
Are you tracking your site traffic via Google Analytics?
Clear selection
What percentage of your traffic is from organic, paid, and affiliates/referrals?
If you don't know exactly, that's ok, a ballpark estimate for each type of traffic is fine.
What percentage of your traffic is from Google vs. Bing/Yahoo?
Again, a ballpark estimate works if you are unsure.
What percentage of your traffic is from mobile (and are you passing the mobile-friendly test)?
Again, a ballpark estimate works if you are unsure
As of today, how much do you spend monthly on paid search?
Average sale or value per converting customer?
What's your conversion rate visitors:customers?
Are you registered in Google Webmaster Tools?
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Any past manual penalties?
(To check, go to Google Webmaster Tools, go to Search Traffic...Manual Actions.)
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Do you have any suspicion of Penguin penalties or loss of rankings with Panda?
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Past SEO Work
Have you ever had any keyword research done for your site? If so, when and by whom?
Has an SEO provided you with any of the following link-building activities?
Check all that apply
What other domains do you own, and what are you doing with them?
e.g. active, parked, forwarded to other domains, etc.
Do you have your own web development team (or is it you)?
When we give you recommended changes to your site, how much of the changes are you likely to be able to do with existing staff, vs. need us to implement for you?
What's YOUR level of technical understanding of SEO, HTML, WordPress, e-commerce, your site's architecture, etc.?
Are you interested in having me coach someone on your team (you, an employee, an intern, etc.) to do some of the one-time work such as keyword research, link-building outreach, etc.?
How much time can you dedicate to outreach personally?
Tell us about your marketing/PR team: who they are, how junior/senior, are they outside consultants or in-house, what they're focused on today, etc.
Social Media
Describe what you've been doing on each of your social media accounts.
Who do you feel are your closest competitors?
What makes you/your site different from your competition?
Contact Email
Please provide us with your email address for further communication.
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