Ad Grants Pre-qualification Survey
Welcome to the the Ad Grants pre-qualification process. If you have not been approved through Google for Nonprofits, please visit

If you have been approved through Google for Nonprofits, please fill out the survey below. This 10-minute survey is intended to identify organizations eligible for the Ad Grants program and to help us learn more about those organizations. With your responses, we'll aim to improve your experience and effectiveness to support your organization.
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Ad Grants Pre-qualification
The following section will help us determine your organization's eligibility for the Ad Grants program.
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The Ad Grants program requires a high-quality website that has a robust and clear description of your organization and mission with substantial content, updated events and information, clear navigation, and clear calls to action. Your site’s content must be unique to your organization. Your website must function well, load quickly, not contain broken links, and be secure with HTTPS. See the full website policy at
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