Curling in Zemst
On Sunday November 25, at 3 pm, members of the Canadian Club of Belgium are heading to the first (and only!) dedicated Curling Club in Belgium: Zemst Curling (Driesstraat 8, 1982 Elewijt Zemst). Please join us. CCB members pay 20 euro. Non-members: 30 euro.
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The club supplies brooms, sliders and stones. You therefore do not have to provide anything yourself.


Curling is played on ice. It is cold and therefore advisable to wear a warm sweater or a jacket to start. Best is a loose-fitting pants (no jeans). After half an hour of initiation everyone is warmed up and usually some jackets are put aside.

Shoes with some grip at the bottom: a sturdy running shoe or a light step shoe is ideal. Make sure that the bottom sole is clean otherwise you will loose dirt on the ice.

If you wish, you can change into one of the changing rooms.

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