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Bit-Z has stably launched perpetual contract, with daily turnover of BTC/USDT normal contract over 20 million USDT and positions up to 2 million USDT at present.

Bit-Z perpetual contract has the most user-friendly commission and the highest maker subsidies in the industry: maker -0.03%, taker 0.07%.

Currently, the perpetual contract product on Bit-Z is made by several top contract market makers, with sufficient liquidity and depth. Several contracts are coming soon, stay tuned!

Now Bit-Z is recruiting contract brokers. If you have any questions, please contact us through:
Bit-Z Contract Broker Q&A
1. Basic Information of Bit-Z Contract
A: What Bit-Z provides is perpetual contract, now Bit-Z has launched BTC_USDT and ETH_USDT, which uses USDT as margin and currently supports 20 times of leverage at most. LTC, EOS, etc. is launching soon.

2. Contract Commission Fees
A: maker:-0.03%,taker:0.07%
Maker is placing orders, which provides liquidity to the market; taker is taking orders, which consumes market liquidity.

3. How to calculate commission rebate?
A: Rebate only applies to commission fees generated from invitees’ taker orders, not including those from maker orders.

4. Is there any hierarchy restriction for commission rebate?
A: Currently commission rebate only comes from direct invitation.

5. How to calculate trading volume?
A: trading volume is to calculate opening value, which is the trading volume after considering leverage and it calculates both maker and taker.

6. How long does commission rebate relationship last?
A: Perpetually.

7. When will contract real trade be issued on APP?
A: It is expected to go live on July.

8. Does "invite to get commission rebate" only apply to contract trading?
A: "Invite to get commission rebate" works on both contract trading and coins/tokens exchange trading, for commission rebate of exchange please refer to:

9. Is bidirectional position available?
A: we have solely unidirectional mode, and only support position of single direction.
Broker Commission Rebate Rules
About Bit-Z (
Bit-Z, established in 2016 in Hong Kong, is the leading blockchain asset trading platform of the world. Bit-Z provides users with professional exchange and OTC trading service. So far, Bit-Z has over 1.7 million registered users and up to 5.41% of the global turnover share. Bit-Z has consistently ranked in the top ten on the CoinMarketCap and is currently in the fourth place.
Bit-Z gathers blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world, including talents from top financial institutions, social media, computer games and other fields.
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