How's Your Sales Management?
Please rate the level of frequency your organization uses the following Sales Management elements.
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Sales Management Tasks
1. Activity goals are created.
2. An activity tracking system is used.
3. Activity objectives are met.
4. Monthly activity planning is conducted.
5. Revenue growth goals are established.
6. A marketing program is established.
7. Significant marketing efforts are scheduled and assigned.
8. Written sales plans are used.
9. Account reviews are scheduled.
10. One-on-one plan and review meetings are scheduled.
11. Formal, ongoing skills training occurs.
12. Sales forecasts are accurate and reviewed.
13. Documented field coaching regularly occurs.
14. All team members know and use an elevator pitch.
15. All client-facing elements appear professional.
16. Deal win, loss or postpone reporting is reviewed and accurate.
17. There is ongoing, active recruiting for talent.
18. Job descriptions are written and measurable.
19. Time and tasks are analyzed and optimized.
20. Rewards for desired performance are established.
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