LXDCON'21 - Call for Action
Answer our call for action and contribute to LXDCON'21 on Tuesday April 20 through Friday April 23, 2021.

You will be contributing to the online program and will be therefore presenting via your own camera with audio and we'll provide the platform (Crowdcast). For this reason, we want to ask you to provide a video of yourself shortly explaining what your session will be about.

We are not expecting a professional edit, a simple short video of max. 2 minutes is best.
PLEASE NOTE: If you don't provide a video, there's a big chance we will not consider your proposal.


The theme for this year's learning experience design conference is "Space to Learn". This year we aim to provide a space for you to learn, connect and feel at home. For the full description, go to lxdcon.com

Take your time and make sure your proposal is complete before submitting.

Submit your proposal before Tuesday February 15, 2020 and you'll receive a reply before Monday March 1.

If your proposal is selected, you'll receive free entry to the entirety of LXDCON.
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