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What are your services?
What partnerships have you been involved in with the University of Minnesota, Morris in the past?
What are some basic volunteer needs you would like to have on a day-to-day basis?
What kinds of training/preparation should students have? Are there any other volunteer requirements for these positions?
Are there any times of the year or day at which you are especially in need?
What kinds of resources would we need to provide for students to do this work? What resources can you offer? (Students will not be paid, but there may be other costs, like transportation, supplies they will need, etc).
What legal/ethical responsibilities would be required (criminal background checks, etc), and how are these usually handled?
What do you think students could learn from working with your agency?
Are there any projects you would like to have completed but have not been able to hire a professional to complete? Could any of these projects possibly be completed by students with special training or expertise, if you are willing to wait for a slightly longer time period for the project's completion?
In some projects, students have promoted agency’s work to populations they wanted to reach. Is this a need your agency has? What kinds of outreach materials or sessions need to be updated or created? What kinds of training/preparation would students need to do so?
In some projects, students bring people together to dialogue or learn about issues that relate to your agency’s work. Would this be a need that would benefit you? What kinds of training/preparation would students need to do so, and what might this look like?
In some projects, students have researched, collected, or developed trainings or curricula to provide community education to particular groups. Do you have a need for any trainings or curricula to be developed or delivered?
Students have planned fundraisers for organizations or assisted with organizations' fundraising efforts. What types of fundraisers do you currently do, and how might students be involved? What fundraisers could students plan on their own, if any, and what would they need to keep in mind when doing so?
Undergraduate research is important at UMM. Many of our projects have involved doing research with and for agencies. Do you have any research needs that would benefit your agency?
Are there any other needs you know about or have observed as a citizen of Morris?
What would make it easier for you to partner with UMM?
What are your hours of operation, if applicable?
How many paid, full-time employees work for your agency/organization?
How many paid, part-time employees work for your agency/organization?
How many volunteers currently assist with your agency/organization?
How many members do you have (if applicable)?
Where is your agency/organization located? (Please provide an address; if no physical location, include a P.O. box or other way to reach you via snail mail).
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