Vendor Application 2020
One Sweet Festival is determined to build your business through this event. Upon submitting your applications, selections will be made. Vendors contacted will have the first chance to be one of potentially two vendors to sell in a dessert category for the event. (Ex: Ice Cream, Cookies, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Brownies, Cake, etc.)

This form is to apply to be a vendor for One Sweet Festival 2020 on September 19 from 12-9 PM at the Shops at South Town Mall. This will include selling at your booth to foot traffic, selling through our curbside services at the event, participating in our Golden Ticket and Grab Bag Giveaway programs (designed to generate more sales for you) and additional marketing opportunities for your brand. Booth spaces will be spread throughout the mall to ensure you have the best traffic.

Both fees will give you access to all these listed elements above. Returning vendors will get a discount on their booth spaces.

Only businesses that are local will be considered to be a vendor. This includes companies that either are based or started in Utah. Franchises from non-Utah based national companies will not be considered. Utah based companies that franchise or sell in other states will still be considered.

If you are a non Utah-based, but still want to get your product out, consider participating in our Golden Ticket or Grab Bag Giveaway Program. Email us at for further questions.

Please answer all questions as best you can. Unfinished or half-answered applications will lose favor in the selection process.

More questions? Email us at

Thanks, and excited to bring another sweet event to Utah!
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