Editorial Process and Collaboration
Collaboration can be a messy, chaotic process. It's also invaluable for newsrooms in a time of dwindling resources and growing need for enterprise reporting. Help create a framework and tool set for effective collaboration by filling out this survey.
Your Newsroom
How big is your editorial team?
Full-time staff, interns, and regular contributors
What platforms do you use?
If you publish online, what Content Management System do you use?
If your CMS is a combination of platforms, describe the pieces and how they work together.
Your answer
Do you use any of these apps and services to plan, assign or edit content?
How would you rate the ease of collaboration within your organization?
Difficult - I often don't know what others are working on
Great - Every one is in the loop
What is the greatest challenge in the editorial process?
Think about how stories are assigned, written (the interface), edited and posted.
How easy is it for you to get editorial feedback through your current tools?
Difficult - we rely on alternate communication
Great - Comments and feedback are part of the interface
Does your current CMS have a futures calendar?
Can you see upcoming stories and publish dates?
There's no easy way to see futures
Upcoming content and publishing schedule is very clear
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