How to Play at the Hunter Club!
You have made it to this page because you want to play at the Hunter Club! Please fill out this form with as much information as you can about yourself or your band!

We will not be able to get back to everyone and this isn't a guarantee that you will play at the Hunter Club but we listen to everything that is submitted and your information will be added to a database for future reference.
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What is the name of your band/act? *
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You can include where you've played before, who your influences are, reviews, and any other details here that help us get to know you better.
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On the next question please give us links to ALL of your other social medias and streaming platforms. (Facebook group, Instagram, Spotify, Band Camp, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
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Have you played at the Hunter Club before? *
Have you ever gigged before? This won't effect you from getting a gig with us, we like supporting new bands where we can. *
Would you ever play an open mic? If you are a band this could require playing a pared down acoustic set. Is this something that you would be able/willing to do? *
Thank you!
We cannot play or get back to everyone. But we do listen to everything that comes in! We will be in touch if anything suits.
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