Registration for Organizer WisCon 2019
Do you want to arrange an activity, an event, exhibit or sell something during the convention? Sign up here! Try to be clear about what you want to do so that we can help you in the best way. It's completely free and a fun chance for you to try new things! We are always looking for lecturers, workshop holders, tournament directors and other fun activity creators who want to help us make WisCon 2019 a really good and vibrant convention!

The convention is at Fenix ​​Ungkulturhus 18 - 20 October and we need you to register with us in advance. Artist Corner and sales area will be open Saturday and Sunday, exact times will be announced later but expect to be there most of the day.

Everyone at the convention must be a member of the Östans Skuggors gaming association for insurance reasons. Membership is free for anyone under 25, otherwise it costs SEK 50 / year. Become a member via online registration.
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