D3 Elite Development Team Application 2018

Passionate triathletes, passionate coaches - together in Boulder, Colorado for a season’s commitment of calculated workouts in order to achieve big-hairy-goals!

This is what one Elite Dev. Team athlete had to say about his experience this past season:

"For years I was searching for a way to step into a higher level of triathlon performance. The invitation to join D3’s Elite Development Team was the answer.

As a member of the team, I am inspired by my peers, who set the highest standard of excellence for themselves and others, and I am led by my coaches, who make a personal investment in my development. The outcome is a deeper connection with this wonderful sport, as well as personal bests.

Joining the Elite Team feels like the most important commitment I have made in triathlon, I am so grateful for the support and eager to achieve more. " JC '17


Application deadline is 11/15/2017

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To review all of the team details visit the website here TBD, or email D3 Head Coach Mike Ricci at Mike@D3Multisport.com
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