Defend Graduate Employees at Syracuse
To the Syracuse University community,

The Republican tax plan would be absolutely devastating for grad students. Categorizing tuition waivers as taxable income---while also ending many important tax waivers---is an attack on our livelihoods and an attack on the accessibility of higher education to low income students, women, LGBQT students, disabled students, international students, and students of color. Graduate students will be forced to take out loans to cover federal taxes, as our current stipends barely cover the cost of living. The passage of this bill will destroy our ability to survive, and we need immediate action from our university.

The University administration has issued a single email in regards to this bill that threatens the viability of graduate school for all students. While we welcome the Chancellor's criticism of the tax plan, the undersigned believe that just saying no is not enough.

We demand that the university immediately release contingency plans to address the massive impact this will have on the livelihood of graduate students. Such a plan could take many forms, for example:

- Elimination of tuition waivers and total reduction in tuition for grad students
- Compensation to stipends to account for higher tax bills
- Special tax grants that completely cover the new costs

We will be holding a rally on Wednesday November 29th at 12:15 at Hendrick's Chapel to further this call, and to add our voices to the thousands of other graduate students across the country fighting for their survival.

Please sign this petition to voice your support for a plan that addresses these grievances, and please send this petition to every member of the Syracuse Community.

Brandon Daniels, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
Laura Jaffee, Cultural Foundations of Education, PhD Student
Sarah Edwards, Creative Writing, Grad
André, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Graduate Student employee
Thomas Bouril, History, PhD Student
Maureen North, MPA student
Matthew Ringard, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
Jessica Posega, Anthropology, PhD Candidate
Kathleen Huber, Psychology Department, Graduate Student
Rachel Campbell, Pan-African Studies Department, Graduate Student
Sam Norton, Undergrad
Mia Mazer, PAIA, Graduate Student
Hasmik Djoulakian, 2017 Alum, WGS and CCE
Adrianne Traub, Department of Food Studies, Graduate Research Assistant
Alex Hanson, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, PhD student
Fabiola Ortiz Valde Anthropology Graduate student
Thomas Passwater, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, PhD student
Sohrob Aslamy, Geography, Graduate Student
Katie MacDonald, Geography, Graduate Student
Nicholas W. Mason, Department of History, TA and Ph.D Student
Matthew Greer, Anthropology, PhD Student
Noah Wilson, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, PhD Student
Brian Hennigan, Geography, Graduate Student
Benesemon Simmons, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, TA and PhD Student
Cheyenne Schoen, Food Studies, Graduate Student
Ma. Fernanda Boza C., Anthropology, Doctoral candidate
Lulu Olaniyan, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
Drew Kinney, Political Science, Graduate
Gemma Cooper-Novack, Literacy Education, PhD Student
Brett Keegan, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, PhD Student
Vani Kannan, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric PhD Student
Shibajyoti Das, Earth Sciences, TA/RA and PhD Student
Samantha Netzband, Law/Political Science, Graduate Student
Chris DiCesare, Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
Ana María Cortés, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, PhD Student
Ionah (Meaghan) Scully, CFE Graduate Student
Aravindhan Venkateswaran, Physics, Graduate Student
Abel Gómez, PhD student, Religion
Maysam Seraji, Political science, undergrad
Kathleen Feyh, CRS, Faculty
John Abercrombie, Religion, Graduate Student
Jay Sharma, Anthropology, Grad
Ryan Bince, College of Arts and Sciences, Staff
Akanksha Patnaik, Public Administration, Grad
Marcin Zak, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Graduate
PhD Social Sciences, Grad student
Avi Luce, Alumni, Compsoition and Cultural Rhetoric
Kiah Bennett, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
Sheila Ragunathan, 2017 Alum, Women's and Gender Studies
Seth Kahn, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric PhD, Alum (2002)
Jessica Posner, College of Arts & Sciences, Humanities Faculty Fellow
Matt Huber, Department of Geography, Faculty
Barbara Applebaum, Cultural Foundations of Education, Faculty
Martín Gonzalez, Cultural Foundations of Education, Grad Student
Mike Gill, Cultural Foundations of Education, Faculty
Karen Toole, CFE Graduate Student/School of Ed Staff
Gretchen Purser, Department of Sociology, Faculty
Amy Lutz, Sociology, Faculty
Eunjung Kim, Women's and Gender Studies, Cultural Foundations of Education, Faculty
Carol Fadda, Department of English, Faculty
Rae Ann Meriwether, Writing Studies, Lecturer
James Newman Professor Emeritus
Kriangsak Teerakowitkajon, Geography, PhD candidate
Taveeshi Singh, Social Science, Grad Student
Bridget Lawson, CFE Graduate Student/SOE Staff
Glenn Wright, Director of Graduate School Programs
Mark Muster, English, Graduate Student
Diane Grimes, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Associate Professor
Tracy Vargas, Sociology, Graduate Student
Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri, Falk undergraduate, Center on Human Policy/School of Ed staff
Janice Dowell, Philosophy, Professor
Hille Paakkunainen, Philosophy, Faculty
Michael Rieppel, Philosophy Department, Faculty
Tiago Teixeira, Geography Department, PhD Student
Tremayne Robertson, CFE, Graduate Student
Jan Swiderski, Philosophy, Grad Student
Hayley Marama Cavino, PhD, Democratizing Knowledge
Nneka Eke, Political Science, PhD student
Abby Fite, Cultural Foundations of Education, Graduate Student
Jackie Orr, Sociology, Faculty
Krushna R, PhD student
Katie Roquemore, Cultural Foundations of Education, Graduate Student
Stephen Paisley, MFA Candidate, Creative Writing
Heather Ipsen, Department of Geography, Grad Student
Jacob Bartholomew, Sociology, PhD Student
Ryan Jeffery, Film, Grad
Anthony Walker, Geography, Masters Student
Jason Cole Singletary, Philosophy, PhD Student
Youngrong Lee, Department of Sociology, Grad
Jordan Dorsey, Sociology Grad Student
Terrell Winder, Sociology, Faculty
Akemi Inamoto, Geography, PhD Student
Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern, Food Studies, Faculty
Maegan Krajewski, Food Studies, Grad
Michael Camele, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
Helene Thompson, Communication and Rhetoric Studies, Grad Student
Jonnell Robinson, Geography, Faculty
Jared Whear, Geography, PhD Student
Essence Cooper, Cultural Foundations of Education, Graduate Student
Aaron Hoy, Sociology, Ph.D. Candidate
William J. Oliver, Sociology, Graduate Student
Sarah Bolden, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Grad
Elizabeth Cooney, Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
Amy Kallander, History, faculty
Carolyn Garland, Philosophy, Graduate Student
Marcelle Haddix, Reading and Language Arts, Faculty
Joshua Mussa, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
Kimberly Williams Brown, PhD, former graduate student in cultural foundations of education
Firehiwot Siyum Tadese, Grad Student
Jesse Swann-Quinn, Geography, PhD candidate
Briana Alfaro, Food Studies, Graduate Student/TA
Naomi Dershowitz, Philosophy, PhD Candidate (grad)
Jason Markins, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, PhD Student
Elissa J Johnson, Food Studies, Professional Staff
Katherine Mott, Food Studies, Graduate Student
Rajesh Kumar, EECS, PhD Candidate
Maria J. Carson, Religion, PhD Candidate
Eileen E. Schell, Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Faculty
Dimple Dhanani, Religion, Graduate Student
Jordan Loewen, Religion, Graduate Student
Dominic Wilkins, Geography, Graduate Student
Lauren Cooper, English, Graduate Student
Rui Cordeiro, biology, Grad
Nikki Fortier, Philosophy, Graduate Student
Patrick Oberle, Geography, PhD Student
Janet Flores, Geography, Undergrad
Ian Brine, English, Graduate Student
Daniel Jackson, Political Science, PhD Student
Jasim Ismaeel, Mathematics, Graduate Student
Chaitanya Afle, Physics Department, PhD student
Rachael Ellingston parent of science grad student
Anne C Bellows, Food Studies, Professor & Grad Program Director
Carolina Arango-Vargas, Anthropology, PhD candidate
Stacy Kohls, Philosophy, Graduate Student
Hillarie Curtis, Department of English, Ph.D. Student
Lauren K. McCormick, Religion, Graduate Student
Brice Nordquist, Writing Studies, Faculty
Dana Balter, Public Administration and International Affairs, Faculty
Muhammad Asaduzzaman, Grad Student, Dept of Physics
Hannah Fair, Physics, Graduate Student
Annie Trizna, Creative Writing, Graduate Student
Ethan Smith, Education, Undergrad
Justin Robbins, Biology, Graduate Student
Dorri Beam, English, faculty
Jessica Bowes, Anthropology, Grad
Sean H. Reid, PhD Candidate
Ivy Kleinbart, Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Adjunct Faculty
Jeremy Ramos, Psychology, Graduate Student and TA
Madeline Gould, Undergrad, Earth Science and Geography
Joseph Nasta, Environmental Forest Biology, Masters
Marwa Moaz, Sociology, Graduate Student
Steven Cohan, English, Emeritus Faculty
Terri A.G. Zollo, English, Grad Studies Coord
Molly M. Cavanaugh, English, Graduate Student
Karla Chun, Forensic Science, Graduate Student
Crystal Lee, Sociology, Graduate Student
Morgan Ireland, Anthropology Dept., PhD Student
Alumni 17’ Audio Arts MA, ‘16 Anthropology BA
Niko Wagner, Biology, Graduate Student
Elizabeth Gleesing, English, Graduate Student
Raj De, Grad Student, Dept. of Physics
Joss Yarbrough, Religion, Graduate Student
Weiting Huang, Philosophy, Grad
Aarti Patel, Religion, PhD Student
Johanna Kester, Psychology, graduate student
Aarti Shenoy, Bioengineering, College of Engineering, PhD
Fitore Hyseni, Social Science, Grad Student
Mo Mamaghani, Civil Engineering, PhD Student
Ejiofor Ugwu, Creative Writing, MFA Hopeful
Ejiofor Ugwu, Creative Writing, MFA Hopeful
Cameron MacPherson, Pan African Studies, MA student/TA
Kellin Cavanaugh, Counselor Education, Doctoral Student
Dan Moseson, Religion, Grad
Simon Staples-Vangel, English, PhD Student
Emilio Martinez, school of education, undergrad
Daniel Salomon, Psychology, Undergrad
Jenna Freytag, School of Education, Undergraduate
Sarah Nesic, Education, Undergraduate
Ryan Turf, English, Undergrad
Michael Moise, Information studies, Undergrad
Brysen A. Greene, Sociology, Undergrad
Alejandra Saldaña, Education, Undergraduate
Monica nowicki, PR, undergrad student
Sarah Kinzler, Undergrad, Magazine Journalism
Bri Stahrr, English Education, Undergrad
Deirdre Hurley, Exercise Science, Undergrad
Hosea, Department of Chemistry, Masters student
Diane Norris, Grad Student, Early Chuldhood
Charlotte Stahrr, UC , Staff, Parent
MaryRose Dollard, Education, Undergrad
Charlotte Ochs, Social Work, Undergrad
Rachel Carpenter, Religion, Graduate Student
Gianpietro Elias, Exercise Science, PhD. Student
Duygu Yeni Cenebasi, Religion, Graduate Student
Joanna Cabrera, English Education, Undergrad
Emily Bukowski, Geography, Teaching Assistant/PhD Student
Denise Romero, Writing and Rhetoric, Undergrad
Rebecca Garden, Bioethics and Humanities, SUNY Upstate, faculty
Narmene Hamsho, School Psychology, Doctoral Student
Luisa Hernandez, Maxwell School, Grad Student
Shana Gelin, Counseling & Humsn Services, Doctotal Student
James Twyman, Education, Undergrad
Karrissa Volcy, Health & Exercise Science, Undergrad
Terry Hawley Reeder
Ekiuwa Imariagbe, Health Exercise Science, Undergrad
Adjunct faculty, Honors Program
Rebecca Moody, PhD Candidate, Religion
Valeria Urbina Cordano, Maxwell School, Graduate Student
Andrew Greenberg, College of Law, Teaching Professor
Hannah Greenberg, Maxwell School, Grad
Daniel Cook, Writing and Rhetoric, Undergrad
Rebecca Spraggins, Political Science, Undergrad
Chandra Talpade Mohanty, faculty
Joanna Spitzner, School of Art, Associate Professor
Rick Welsh, Chair of the Department of Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition
Camilla J. Bell, Cultural Foundations of Education, Grad Student
Bob Halligan Jr, Adjunct Faculty
Nancy Keefe Rhodes, Transmedia, Adjunct
Beth A. Ferri, Faculty
Chelsea Mixon, Department of Teaching and Leadership, PhD Student
Amy Schrager Lang, English, Emerita Professor
Kathryn Everly, Spanish (LLL), Faculty
Stephanie James, Director of the School of Art
Sharon Gold, Associate Professor of Painting & Critical Studies
Tiago Barreira, Exercise Science, Faculty
Louise Bahia Thompson, MFA
Perry Burlingame, Studio Arts, Graduate Student
Hollie Lyko, Art, Grad
Jeremy Tarr, Visual and Performing Arts, Grad
Marty Blake, Assistant Professor of Illustration, (former grad student)
Elizabeth Lucas Pemstein, Newhouse and School of Ed., Graduate
Rebecca Forstater, School of Art, Graduate Student, Instructional Associate
Jie Wang. School of art(printmaking). IA. (grad)
Vera Power, CVPA - School of Art, Staff
Eric D. Charlton, Department of Art, Grad
Katie Shulman, School of Art, Graduate Student
Alex Pustelnyk, Geography, Grad
Finley, Cait, VPA, Grad/Adjunct
Sarah Harwell, MFA in Creative Writing, Associate Director,
Tod Rutherford Professor Geography
Chris Wildrick, Art, Assoc. Prof.
Alex O'Connell, English, Grad
Yvonne Buchanan, School of Art, Associate Professor
Bob Dacey, Illustration, Professor
Samantha Corbett, VPA, Graduate Student & Adjunct
Frances Barnet, Creative Writing, Grad
Oliver Cocks, Biology, Graduate Student
Arianna Lee, Computer Engineering, Undergrad
Michael Senatore, Physics, Graduate Student
My'Asia Colon, Maxwell School: PSC, Graduate Student
Taro Takizawa, school of art, PTI
Christine Ashby, Associate Professor
Anne Mosher, Geography, Faculty
William Cleeton-Gandino, SUCOL
Deyasini Dasgupta, English, Grad
Ethan Stanifer, Physics, Ph.D. Student
Adam Patch, Physics, Graduate Student
Camerin Ortiz, Biology, Undergrad
Dana Cloud, Professor, Communication and Rhetorical Studies SU
Barbara Norris, Office of Learning Communities, Admin
Rachael Clark, Instructional Associate, Graduate Student: Creative Leadership
Mirra Goldfrad, Studio Arts, Grad
Zoë Meighan, VPA Admissions
Susan D'Amato, Associate Professor, School of Art
Andrew Havenhand , Asst Prof Syracuse University , School of Art , Graduate Faculty Member
Tim Carter, English Department, Graduate Student
Paria Peyravi, VPA, MFA student
Jude Lewis, School of Art, undergrad and grad faculty
Maria Norris, VPA, Undergrad
Dusty Herbig, associate professor, School of Art
Bridget O'Bernstein, MFA Candidate Poetry, Syracuse University
Dylan Bryant, English Education, Undergrad
Marielle Leo, MFT GRAD
Erica Miller, Linguistics, graduate student & TA
Jewell Bohlinger, Graduate Student, Department of Geography
Matthew Kelsey, physics, graduate student
Devon Gelhar, School of Art, Graduate Student
Jeremy D. Sloane, Science Teaching, Graduate Student
Franklin Romero Jr, School of Architecture, Alumin
Mika Mollenkopf, Studio Arts, Grad. Student
Eva Nesbit, Physics Grad Student
Matthew Gartshore, VPA Music, Graduate TA
Jackson Barnes, Health and Exercise Science, Undergraduate student
Rachel Pray, biology, undergrad
Ariel Chu, Fiction MFA student
Andy Torres-Lopez, Music Industry, Undergrad
Jackson Giampino, Bioengineering, Undergrad
Angela O'Neil, Health & Exercise Science, Undergrad
Hillary Chartron-Bartholomew, Food Studies, Graduate Student
Joe Turek, VPA, Grad student and adjunct
Amanda Fatemi-Badi, Creative Writing, Grad
Stephen Shepherd, Chemistry, Graduate Student & TA
Tyler Fitch, Environment and Sustainability, Graduate Student
Alyssa Lobo, Media Studies, Grad Student
Melinda Gurr, Department of Anthropology, Graduate Student
Poonam, Social Sciences, Grad
Caroline Check, Nutrition and Dietetics, Grad
Emma Buckhout, MPA/MAIR Graduate Student
Collette Markwardt, Composition & Cultural Rhetoric, Graduate Student
Cierra Chandler, Chemical Engineering, Undergrad
Lauren Miller, SI Newhouse School of Public Communications, Undergrad
Sylvie Prendergast-Corvo, Illustration, Grad Student
Anthony So, Creative Writing, Graduate Student
James Haywood Rolling, Jr., Professor, Art Education
Jennith Lucas, Sociology/CCE, Undergrad
Lauren Crimmins, Psychology, Undergrad
Hunter Thompson, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Graduate Student
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