Queer Voices Submissions
THIS FORM IS CLOSED! you can check out all the responses at go/queervoices (go.middlebury.edu/queervoices), or the display on the 2nd floor of mccullough for the rest of spring 2018.

BUT please fell free to fill this out anyway, if you have something to get off you chest.

In the spirit of understanding the queer population at Middlebury College and fostering solidarity, Queers & Allies is supporting an art project that will be going up in "Gaypril." We will put together a display featuring submissions to this form! Responses will be kept anonymous, and submissions may be edited for anonymity and clarity.

Feel free to skip any prompts (some may not feel applicable to you) or submit answers to the write-ins one at a time or multiple times if you have more to add . We welcome any amount of participation!

This survey is for everyone who identifies as queer/LGBTQ+ or questioning :)

Please interpret the prompts however they makes sense to you, just know that we are hoping to learn about Middlebury experiences and perspectives in particular.
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Tell us what your sexuality and/or gender identity mean to you
Discuss your feelings regarding the visibility (or lack thereof) of your gender and/or sexuality
Tell us about an experience you've had in a queer space or event. It can be from a formally organized event, or just you and your friends.
Describe a difficult moment you've witnessed or experienced at Middlebury College relating to queer identity
Your friends are ...
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Do you feel like a part of a queer community at Middlebury?
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Are you satisfied with the queer community at Middlebury?
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Are you out?
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Is there anything else you'd like to share regarding your experience/perspective as queer or questioning on campus? Any changes you feel should be made?
Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Keep your eye out for our display in Gaypril! If you would like to be added to the Queers & Allies email list, visit go/subscribeqanda
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