Activate Youth Camp 2019
AYC 2019 Registration for Students in J.S.S.1 - S.S.S. 2 Only
Note: Activate Youth Camp reserves the right to reject any applicant whose information is adjudged to be false.
Parental consent is also important in filling this form and attending AYC 2019. Intending participants will be disqualified if consent is not given.
Section 1
Parental Consent
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Personal Details
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Your Interests
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Section 6
More about YOU.
Selection to attend AYC 2019 is based on the discretion of the Selection Committee.
Have you attended AYC before? *
If Yes, What Year(s)? If No, click No *
How have you put the things learnt into use?
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If No, Why do you want to attend?
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Section 7
Does your child have any ongoing health conditions or challenges? *
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Section 8
Guardians Details
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By clicking on the submit button below. I acknowledge and consent to the following as Parent/Guardian of the Applicant.
1. I understand and agree with all AYC policies, procedures and regulations
2. AYC Organizers are authorized to take pictures and recordings of my child for the purposes of administrative records and promotion of the Camp activities on online/offline media
3. I believe the above information to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge
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