Event Support Request Form
This form is for Event Organizers to file Support Requests for Organized Play events. Event support packages include boons, rewards, gift certificates, charity boons, and AcP bumps based on the size and scope of the event. Information input to the form will be used to track event activity and will not be provided to anyone other than the event organizer's RVC and the OPM/OPA team at Paizo. Please submit this form at least 4 weeks prior to the convention. Forms submitted less than 4 weeks prior will be processed on a time available basis, which may not happen before the event occurs.
Email *
Event Basics
General information identifying the event.
Convention *
What is the name of the event?
Location *
What is the city and state/province (and country if not USA) of the venue where the event will take place? **If you have moved online due to the pandemic, please include the location where this event would take place if it occurred physically.**
Registration Link *
A link to the convention website, Warhorn, or other registration site for players to sign up.
Region *
What region does the event location belong to? A list of what states/countries are in each region is at https://paizo.com/organizedplay/regions **Please only select the Online region if you are a VO for the Online region!**
Contact Name *
Who will be the primary organizer of the event?
Contact Email *
Enter the email of the primary contact for this event.
Coordinator Organized Play Number
Event Number *
What is the number of the event as listed on paizo.com?
Start Date *
What is the starting date of the event?
# of days *
How many days will this event run? (Conventions longer than 3 days require a minimum of 5 blocks per day average.)
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