Year Round Sorority Recruitment Form (COB)
You must be enrolled full time at the Southeast Main Campus. Students enrolled at the Regional campus are not eligible.


ACADEMIC RECORD RELEASE: I understand that to participate in recruitment, I must be a regularly enrolled, full-time student in good standing with Southeast Missouri State University's Cape Girardeau Campus. I understand that some chapters may require a certain GPA in order to join that particular chapter, and that I will be given that information during recruitment.

I authorize Southeast Missouri State University's Office of Greek Life to verify my academic eligibility and to enter my verified cumulative/overall GPA information into my recruitment registration. I understand that sororities will be able to view and use this information during recruitment in order to make membership decisions.

INFORMATION DISCLOSURE: By clicking "save/submit" below, I agree to the terms listed above and allow my registration information to be made available to the Southeast Missouri State University Greek chapters as part of the recruitment process.

(Updated 9/2018)

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