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Hi. I receive a lot of requests to write letters of recommendation for students. This form helps me keep track of the letters I have to write.


1) Request the letter at least 2 weeks ahead of the deadline. The more time the better, so let me know as SOON as you think you may need a letter.

2) If you are applying for multiple things, you can just submit one form if it makes sense to do so and if my letter will likely remain the same for each one (e.g. for multiple FSPs, for similar graduate programs), but make this clear in your email to me (step 3).

3) After you submit the form(s), email or Slack me to let me know you did so and wait for me to confirm, unless I've already done so.

4) Send me any other application materials, including: 1) your resume or CV, 2) transcript, and 3) application materials such as your a) cover letter, b) personal statement, c) writing sample. It is ideal if you send me at least some of the materials also 2 weeks before the deadline – I may otherwise not be able to move my schedule around to write you a strong letter based on these materials.

5) For whatever you are applying to, make sure to waive the right to see my letter of recommendation if it is an option. If for some reason you have to submit the letter yourself as part of your application, please provide documentation that this is the case.

6) Shoot me an email reminder 3 days before the application deadline.

7) After you apply, please keep me posted on the outcome! I hope you get accepted to whatever you are applying for, but even if you don't, I like to keep in touch and hear what is going on with you.

Thanks and good luck!
- Prof Costa
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