One United Body Calendar Event Requests
Please use this form to submit requests for public encounter events or meetings to be placed on the One United Body public calendar. (Note: All events will be able to be seen by the public and will allow the public to join the meeting).

Please include:
1. The name of the chat group hosting the encounter - (Please use the same name as chat group in Facebook),
2. The date and time of the encounter, and
3. The Zoom link that will be used for the meeting. (Please allow 2 weeks for approval)

Email address *
Event - Contact Name (First, Last) (Person to contact concerning the event)
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What Group is hosting the encounter/meeting (Please use the same name as chat group in Facebook if this is a One United Body hosted encounter) *
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What is the date of the encounter/meeting? *
What is the time of the encounter? (Please convert the time of the event to USA Eastern Time - New York Time) All times on the calendar are Eastern Time. *
Please include online conferencing link (i.e. Zoom link or Zoom meeting number) *
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