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Having run in 5 schools and reached over 70 students this year, the Durham State School Debating Programme, run in conjunction with Collingwood College, Durham University, is hoping to reach even more students next year!

The cost of the programme is free, as the aim is to provide free speech and debate training to as many students as possible!

Class sizes should be maximum 15 students, but feel free to indicate on the form whether you would like to request an additional mentor, if the demand from students is anticipated to be higher.

*this is an initial registration form, and another form regarding date and time preferences will be emailed out just before the start of the academic year in September

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We recognise the importance of the relationships already formed between mentors and students, and understand if schools would like to keep their mentor on for next year, and so this is an option (not a requirement) to specify which mentor you would like next year.
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