Hidden in Plain Sight - Presentation Request
Hidden in Plain Sight is a presentation for adults and parents to raise awareness of signs that may point to risky adolescent behaviors. Open to adults only, this program recreates a mock teenagers bedroom (or backpack) that parents, grandparents, educators, caregivers and other adults can explore to identify hidden drug paraphernalia, and warning signs associated with drug or alcohol abuse by a teen. As part of the program, Prevention Specialists guide attendees, explain various substance use trends, and identify signs and symptoms to watch for. Prevention Specialists provide guidance for initiating conversations with teens about substance abuse, and local resource information.
We offer two versions of our Mock Bedroom, and our Backpack presentation is available in 3 different lengths to meet your needs.
Mock Bedroom Walkthrough :
Our mock teen bedroom can be set up at your community event, school open house, parent night, etc. Adults explore the bedroom as a walkthrough. The presenter is available to guide the exploration, answer questions, and provide additional information for community resources. Cost: $750 (CAPP member price: $675). Length: 2 hours

Mock Bedroom with Powerpoint Presentation:
This presentation begins with a 30 minute "explore" session during which participants are invited to browse the room. It is followed by a 60 minute presentation on the products, warning signs, and initiating conversations on these important issues and concerns with youth. The program includes a question and answer session. This presentation requires access to wifi, projector, screen, and speakers. Cost: $750 (CAPP member price: $675) Length: 2 hours

Our backpack presentation is adaptable to meet the needs of your group and event. Excellent for parent groups, as well as school faculty, coaches, youth program directors and other adults who interact with youth outside of the home. Backpack items can be explored as a walk-through with presenter guidance, or as a program with a presentation including a Q&A session.

Backpack Program presentations:

45 minutes - includes a 30 min. presentation of the backpack with a 15 min. Q&A session -
Cost: $400 (CAPP Member - $360)

75 minutes - 60 min. presentation including a 10 min. discussion on reaching parents, 15 min. Q&A -
Cost: $500 (CAPP Member $450)

90 minutes -70 min. presentation with a powerpoint, 20 min. discussion/ Q&A -
Cost: $550 (CAPP Member $495)
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