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Thank you for reaching out to the QRCC! Please fill out the following form so that we can best understand you and the needs of your research project. Consultations are available for any stage of the research processes, including early brainstorming, initial operationalization of topic, data collection strategies, data analysis, and results interpretation/writing.

Please acknowledge the following, before making an appointment:

1. In order to make the most of my time with the statistical consultants, I will make available clearly defined research goals and questions, any cleaned data I have collected, any research papers that may assist the consultants in solving my problem, and the results of any analyses already performed-including plots or graphs. A meeting agenda and materials for consultant to review should be sent at least 3 days in advance via email. If I do not provide these required materials, I understand that my appointment may be cancelled.

2. I understand that I can only schedule one appointment at a time and that if a cancellation is necessary, I will reach out to the QRCC team to request a cancellation at least 5 business days in advance.

3. I understand that if I have more than than one no show or last-minute cancellation (i.e., less than 5 business days), I may be limited to seeking help only during open office hours for the remainder of the semester.

4. I understand that many problems can not/may not be solved in one meeting by one consultant and am prepared to have several meetings with different members of the statistical consulting team if needed.

5. I will seek help at least 6 weeks in advance of any deadlines that might be required of my research work.

6. I understand that the statistical consultant team will not do or perform my analyses or write up the results.

7. I understand that office hours are on a first come, first serve basis and that I am limited to a maximum of 20 minutes during office hours.

8. The QRCC has installed the following software: SPSS, R (Studio), Matlab, Stata 15. If you are using another software package, please bring your own laptop. Consultants may not be familiar with the specifics of all statistical packages/programs, so they may not be able to assist with software specific questions, but will attempt to problem solve with you when questions are outside our skill set.

9. Consultation appointments last 45 minutes during academic semesters when classes are in session. At the beginning of the first appointment, the consultant will review the materials, research questions, and study design with the client before addressing specific questions. Since the consultant may not be familiar with the terms used in your area of research, please be prepared to explain concepts in layman's terms.

10. The center provides individual based statistical consultations. Permission should be sought out in advance if more than one individual will be joining the consultation session.
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