Aloha-IX Connection Order Form
This form is only used for new port connections for Aloha-IX. If you have any other issues please contact peering <at> The last update was done on October 15, 2016.

Any party may connect as long as they:

1) Have an Autonomous System Number assigned by a Regional Internet Registry.

2) Have public IP Space which may either be directly assigned by a Regional Internet Registry or by an upstream carrier. Space less than a /24 IPV4 may not be accepted by other participants.

3) Have an entry in

4) Have a router capable of BGP4 and a gigabit single mode ethernet port available (copper and multimode connection options are available by request).

5) Establish a BGP Session to the router viewer / collector

6) Establish a BGP Session to either the Route Servers <OR> the Aloha-IX Router

7) Follow the Rules listed in the website.

A port activation fee is required to be paid prior to issuance of a cfa or ordering a cross connect by Aloha-IX. The fee varies by port type / speed. This is in addition to any fee that the colo provider may charge on your side.

As of 10/15/2016 the fees are:

One Time Fees per Port:

1g SMF $150 First Port
1g Additional LAG Port $1,000

10g SMF Fiber $2,500
10g SMF Fiber Additional LAG is $1500 NRC. Please request via peering<at>
other fiber types are supported at a cost of $2,500 plus the optic cost.

One time fees for Cross connect - in addition to any charges for your own circuit to the Meet Me Room

As of the last update there are no monthly or annual fees charged by Aloha-IX for our services.

Please fill out one form for each port / port group requested.

This entire form must be completed to be accepted.

You will have the option at the end to copy an url to make changes or corrections.

By continuing you agree to be bound by the Rules of Aloha-IX as a part of Ninja-IX Corporation.

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