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Thanks for your interest We hope you took the time to watch the videos. Included in this form submit are some very basic questions from the videos. We value your time and hope you value ours as well. Please fill out as much information as possible below so we might understand how best to meet your needs. Thanks and God Bless
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From the 1st video, what are the range of good numbers before repairs? And what is ARV?
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From the 2d video, Jake takes you on a tour of a house. He mentions TV series "flip this house", what do we flip in this situation and why?
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Fron the 3rd video, We discuss yellow letter marketing, what makes recipients open these letters from us and why?
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There are different types of real estate investing.
Wholesaling which requires more time and learning but very little capitol. Fix and Flip or Buy and Hold for passive income which requires capitol or ability to access funding. Investing from the sidelines which requires no time and learning but does require capitol.
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