Diversity & Inclusion: Shared Materials and Committee Interest
We know a ton of work has been done already, we want to collect:

The best examples of codes of conduct for:
- in-person events (hackathons, conferences, etc)
- online communities (listservs, slack channels, etc)

Sample scripts/emails for people to report issues:
- to the board/leadership/HR of an organization they work for
- to an individual colleague

Sample case statements emails to convince an org to bring in diversity and inclusion, cultural competency, or ally trainers / adopt various other guidelines we create

Guidelines on:
- What to do when someone tells you that you’ve oopsed (as an org, as an individual, etc)
- What to do if you think you’ve oopsed, but nobody has called you out (maybe you’re in a position of power where people don’t feel like they can call you out)

Paste any relevant urls here:
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That list above was just some ideas we had. What other materials would you find useful that weren't listed?
Recommended Trainers/Orgs (name and contact info/website/etc)
Interested in joining the OSDI Diversity and Inclusion Committee?
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