Petition: Keep Our School Open
Dear Board Members of the Los Angeles Unified School District,

We, the parents, staff, students, and friends of Camino Nuevo Miramar High School, thank you for supporting our school's charter renewal petition. We love and believe in our school and appreciate your support for the following reasons:

Miramar prepares students for success. In 2018, 98 percent of seniors graduated from Miramar having successfully completed the courses required for admission to a California public university with a C or higher. These students will be the first in their families to go to college, where they will continue to receive guidance and support from Camino Nuevo until they graduate.

Beyond preparing students for college, Miramar prepares students for life. Through internships and community service opportunities, students develop their talents and grow to be responsible citizens who give back to their communities. Moreover, by integrating ethnic studies into all subjects, Miramar teaches students to take pride in who they are and be competitive in an increasingly multilingual and multicultural world.

Miramar is not only a great school – it is a second home for us. It is a safe and welcoming community where all learners are supported and where difference is embraced. Because of this, students who have struggled elsewhere find confidence and success at Miramar. Our school is a sanctuary for all students, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Here we can all be ourselves and grow and learn together.

Thank you for hearing our voices and voting to renew Miramar’s charter for five more years.

Miramar Students Are College Ready, College Bound
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