Fall 2018 Applications
Thanks for your interest in joining our NYC community. Please fill out all the questions below closely following the prompts. Let us know if you had any issues: nycshapernomination@gmail.com
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If you could create a project through the Global Shapers New York Hub, what would it be? To be considered an active member of the GS community, members must attend a monthly meeting and contribute to a project. Projects are diverse with a focus in the local community. With that in mind, what are you interested in and could execute on? Submit a project plan in less than 500 words. As you write, it’s worth thinking about the following: 1) resources you would need, 2) how you plan to get those resources, 3) possible outcomes or impact, 4) why this project matters to you, and 5) how this project fits into the NY Hub Global Shapers Community. *
What skills can you contribute to help drive impact in shaper projects? Pick your strongest three, or maximum five. *
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