West Side Tourism Development
Thank you for taking the time to think about and to respond to the following questionnaire about tourism.

For the past number of years, there has been a lot of discussion on how best to develop tourism in North West Saskatchewan. There have been numerous studies and gatherings discussing the topic. In recent months we have seen increased interest among many groups, organizations, and communities, to develop a tourism strategy. How do we best lead tourism development as residents of the region?

Following are some questions we’ve developed to help stimulate thoughts, perspectives, ideas, and proposals, on how we could develop this industry which may provide increased economic opportunity(ies) for residents in our home areas. Questionnaire is conducted by North West Communities Mngt Co.

For more information contact:
Nap Gardiner, CEO - North West Communities
Phone: (306)-288-1223
Cell: (306)-288-7666
Fax: (306)-288-1251
Email: ceo.nwc@sasktel.net

Wehkwas Durocher, Economic Development Coordinator - North West Communities
Phone: (306)-288-1222
Cell: (306)-980-5204
Fax: (306)-288-1251
Email: weh.durocher@sasktel.net
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1.) What group do you represent? Select from following options:
2.) If 'other', please explain:
3.) How do you understand "tourism"? For example, is it southerners traveling north to fish and hunt, or travelers coming north to do outdoor activities such as boating, canoeing, quading, hiking?  
4.) Do you think there should be more tourism development in our region and why?
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5.) Please explain:
6.) In your opinion, how important is it for your community to begin developing tourism infrastructure and building a local tourism economy?
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7.) In your opinion, what are the largest challenges facing tourism in your community? Check all that apply.
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8.) If we opened up our area for more tourism what would it look like to you? Check all that apply:
9.) What benefits do you see in tourism development? For example: improved economy, employment opportunities, improved business services for everyone, potential to develop other businesses.
10.) Would you be willing to cooperate with other communities in the region to develop a regional tourism strategy that focuses on developing a regional tourism industry that provides tourists with complimentary tourism amenities.
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11.) Could you please provide a listing of the tourism related businesses that are currently in your community:
12.) Would you support development of a regional indigenous tourism council and why?
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13.) Please explain:
14.) Do you have any other comments? (For example: Aboriginal rights and duty to consult, regulations, training and employment, communication with communities)
The remaining questions are for the to the May 23-24, 2018 Westside Economic Development & Investment Attraction Conference in Green Lake, SK. If you did not attend, please skip.
15. ) What conference theme did you attend for?
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16.) Which conference presentation did you find most relevant and useful for you?
17.) If you're a resident of the west side, would you consider attending the a community based tourism or renewable energy workshop?
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18.) Would you consider re-attending the second annual 2019 Westside Economic Development& Investment Attraction Conference?
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