Fall Training Conference 2018: Sergeant-At-Arms Volunteer Form
Greetings, CNH!

Fall Training Conference is right around the corner, and we are so excited to take you into this fresh adventure with us! However, before we begin this shopping trip, we need YOUR help to venture out into the grocery store and guide members in the district by becoming an SAA!

What is a Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA)?
Every year, members are given the opportunity to serve the district and lead others as a Sergeant-At-Arms at Fall Training Conference. As highly motivated and willing volunteers, SAAs ensure that FTC is a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees by promoting and enforcing the Code of Conduct and the campsite rules and regulations at all times. Each SAA is responsible for duties such as monitoring the campground, reporting inappropriate activities or suspicious behavior, and assisting people in any way they can to help make sure that everyone is having an extraordinary experience at FTC.
Why should I be an SAA?
Being an SAA is a very unique and rewarding experience. As SAAs, you are able to directly impact members that attend Fall Training Conference as you become a leader and guide to those around you. Your role at FTC will not only be counted for service hours, but by being an SAA, you have the chance to work with other outstanding individuals from across the district, bonding and serving together at the same time! Other perks: you will also be receiving a personalized appreciation gift! 😊
Are you ready to guide customers into the grocery store to make this amazing shopping adventure possible?
If so, please continue through the application to become an SAA!
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