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AgX is a newly formed collective of Boston-area moving-image artists with a shared appreciation for photochemical filmmaking and experimentation between film and video. Under the auspices of the local non-profit Balagan Films, AgX members have united to share resources, equipment, knowledge, and camaraderie with the aim of creating a sustainable ecosystem for those who wish to work with and learn about photosensitive emulsions and to engage with other local film and video-makers who value shared access to tools, knowledge and a spirit of experimentation and collaboration.

We rent a 2000 square-foot studio in Waltham, MA where we house a growing collection of donated equipment including flatbed editing machines, a JK optical printer for rephotography and traditional effects work, photo enlargers and processing equipment for our newly built darkroom. We also have a screening area where we host regular work-in-progress screenings for members and are set up for all formats from video to Super 8, 16mm, and even 35mm! Members will soon be able to do all stages of the analog workflow in-house at AgX, from shooting to processing, editing, cutting negative, and making finished prints. We also encourage members to use our collective equipment to explore hybrid projects that move between film and video.

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AgX is continually seeking new members! We value an open and diverse membership and welcome filmmakers, photographers, artists, inventors and other curious souls who have an interest in sharing access to tools and resources for their personal work, in addition to those who have a desire to participate in the collective's workshops, work-in-progress screenings, and member meetings. Members don't need an extensive background in film or video to join AgX – only a desire to share, inspire, and learn.

Interested in membership? Just send us an e-mail at to let us know you're interested or if you have any questions. In your e-mail, do let us know what your areas of interest and/or experience are (beginners welcome!) and how you'd like to get involved. One of our current members will get back to you by phone or e-mail to follow up.

If you've already been in touch and know you'd like to become a member, great! To register for AgX membership, please read these guidelines and fill out the form below.

AgX Membership Guidelines:

Benefits to AgX membership include:

+Ability to participate in monthly member meetings and the collective decision-making process
+Inclusion on the AgX core list-serve
+Access to the darkroom, chemistry, cameras, flatbed editors, and other collective equipment
+Opportunity to participate in regular work-in-progress screenings
+Opportunity to participate in member-only filmmaking workshops
+Discounts on regularly occurring public filmmaking workshops
+Ability to learn from and collaborate with other local moving-image artists


+Commitment to the collective's values of open access, shared knowledge and collaboration.
+Commitment of around 2-5 or more hours per month contributing to AgX activities that support our basic operations including workshops, equipment training / orientation, work-in-progress screenings, space maintenance, web design, social media outreach, public screenings, community partnerships, and administrative duties.
+Commitment to sustaining these activities through payment of monthly membership dues.

Dues Recommendations:

We ask that all members contribute by making monthly dues payments, which provide crucial support to cover the cost of rent ($1800/month), utilities (approx $200/month), and other ongoing expenses associated with the general operations and upkeep of our space. In these early stages while we work to grow our membership base and normalize funding, we can use all the help we can get.

We have created these guidelines for dues with an understanding that the financial situation of each member may vary widely; We suggest a payment of $40 per month for most members, and $25 per month for those who cannot afford the higher level.

If the lower recommended level would also pose a hardship for you, any amount you are able to pay is helpful, in addition to any volunteer hours you are able to offer. If you can afford to pay more than the recommended amounts laid out here, we also encourage you to contribute at a higher level; You will be helping immensely to keep this great community resource afloat as we move toward a sustainable future.

How to initiate monthly dues payments to AgX:

1. Go to
2. Fill out the form with your name and select "Dues" from the dropdown list
3. Select the amount in dues that you'd like to pay, and click the payment button

**Payments for each month are due on the 26th of the prior month.**

Also be sure to sign up for the email listserv as this is where the majority of communication takes place:

Thank you!
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