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Who are your favourite children's book authors that you would recommend?
Would you like to see books/products available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese or Both? *
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Children's Picture Books - Bilingual - Chinese & English
Children's Picture Books - Chinese only
Children's Picture Books featuring Asian characters/culture - English only
Children's Picture Books featuring Asian characters/culture - Bilingual - Chinese & English
Levelled Readers - Chinese only
Talking pens
Flashcards and posters
Activity and exercise books
Culturally relevant toys - for eg. Asian dolls
As the parent or caregiver, how proficient is your Chinese? *
As the parent/caregiver, are you a native or non-native Chinese speaker? *
Regardless of proficiency, what Chinese languages do you speak/understand? Select all that apply. *
Are you interested in children's books in other languages? If yes, which languages?
Have you purchased Chinese or Bilingual Children's Books from retailers outside of Australia/NZ? *
If Yes, how was your customer experience?
Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us while you're here?
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