Digital Technologies Lending Library Suggestions
At the Computer Science Education Research (CSER) Group, we are launching a national Digital Technologies Lending Library as part of our F-10 Digital Technologies Education program (see: This means that Australian schools will be able to freely hire equipment and resources for classroom activities.

We want to know what our Australian education community thinks, as this will be your library. Do you have any recommendations (or wish-list items) for us to consider in our lending library? Have your say!

This technology will support learning in the F-10 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Please create a NEW submission for each individual technology suggestion, as we would like to curate and review your suggestions to guide resource development.

You are welcome to submit more than one response. Your submissions are anonymous and will only be used for resource development by CSER.
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I would like to suggest: *
Let us know what it's called. You could suggest a type of technology, e.g. microcomputer, or more specifically a brand, e.g. Arduino. If there's a website available, let us know.
It's suitable for... *
Based on your opinion or experience, please estimate the year level that is most appropriate for this technology. This could be a specific year level band or broader.
How many are required for a class? *
We would like to ensure the resources can be shared widely, but we also want each classroom kit to be useful for classroom learning.
Quality supporting learning & teaching resources can be found here...
(Optional) If you know of a video, website or resource that would be ideal for supporting the use of this technology, please let us know in the space below.
(Optional) If you have any comments about the use of this technology, or your experience, please let us know in the space below.
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