Program Need Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback regarding factors that either encourage or discourage students from enrolling in evening courses at North Florida Technical College in Starke, FL. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
What is your age?
Please indicate the gender you identify with.
Please indicate your ethnicity.
Are you currently employed?
If employed, what time range do you work?
Are you currently or have you previously been enrolled in an evening course? Note: An evening course is any course offered Monday - Friday after 4PM or later.
If you have not enrolled in evening classes, please tell us why. Check all that apply.
How many hours per week do you work?
Are you interested in a career and technical education?
In choosing a school, what do you seek the most?
How necessary is the availability of Evening classes, for you to meet your educational goal?
If offered in the evening, what post-secondary program(s) would encourage you to enroll?
In your opinion, how late should a student stay for an evening course?
A cohort is a group of students that take classes, needed to meet their educational goal together, for a time period. If a cohort were created for Evening students, would you be interested in participating?
Is there a specific semester that works best for you to begin your educational journey?
What is the best method you prefer to be contacted, regarding information about our programs? Please provide a good email or phone number.
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