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Below you will see a questionnaire form for My Shout-Out. The list of questions are essential and should only take a few minutes to fill out. We don't make it mandatory, but please take the time to write a short business bio about your experience, landmarks, challenges or any other highlight about your business. Your business will be promoted on Redding Reviews and for those that qualify Best Of The North State. Our distribution channels will expose your business to hundreds and possible thousands of residents in the north state. This media attention will give you a public visibility.

Specifications: Fill out the form below and hit send or open your email and answer the questions and then send via email.
We love promoting local and doing shout-outs about local businesses. Our team will help promote your business across our blogs and to our pages we manage and groups we belong to over 290!
Below you will see a list of questions we need from you to do the shout-out about your business.

Now onto gathering your info for that shout-out :-)
Answer the questions to the best of your ability, remember we do not need all the info listed below. We understand that your business might not have a website or not active on social media.

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