Statement of Commitment
COVID-19 Return to Work
Commitment to Public Health Practices

To minimize the risk to public health while performing research at the University of Maryland (UMD), students, staff, and faculty are expected to adhere to public health practices to minimize the spread of COVID19.

Phase 1 - Laboratory Requirements
The goal of these requirements is to allow research to proceed with the safety of our students and faculty as the primary concern. No researcher should be required to be present.
The definition of a laboratory is a space with specialized equipment where a physical presence is necessary to conduct research. Offices are not considered labs, and telecommuting should continue as much as possible.

• Laboratory occupancy – all labs will be limited to 2 researchers present at one time. In exceptionally large well-ventilated labs, this may be relaxed with a specific exception for that particular space. Physical separation between occupants within labs is necessary, with at least 200 sq. ft. per person. Care should be taken to minimize shared use of work surfaces without disinfection between users. For some larger labs, this may require a longer workday with shifts to avoid overlaps. Single occupancy of labs is only permitted if it does not contradict laboratory safety policies.
• PPEs – All personnel shall wear cloth, surgical, or N95 facemasks (without valves) in any public area, and in laboratories with more than one occupant.
• Logs – All researchers will be required to log their arrival and departure times and rooms occupied each day. Making an entry into the log will require acknowledgement that the researchers have verified that they are symptom free upon leaving their home. This logging will allow contact tracing in the event of a positive individual.
• Common spaces – No gatherings of more than two individuals in any common space or area without sufficient social distancing is allowed.
• Restrooms – All restrooms will be marked single occupancy with appropriate vacant/not vacant signage.
• Elevators – Use of elevators is restricted to one person at a time. Wait for the next elevator or use stairs.
• Shared facilities – any shared facilities with multiple users can only operate with the restricted two-person limit at one time, must have procedures for disinfecting between users, and a monitored and enforced schedule.
• Building access – care should be taken when entering and exiting buildings to maintain social distancing. Signage will indicate entry and exit doors. Use of handicapped access buttons with your elbow can minimize surface contamination.
• Violation of these policies will result in suspension of your access.

-------------------Do not come to campus if you exhibit any symptoms.----------------

By signing this form, you are agreeing that you have read the guidance on this page:
and that you agree to adhere to the behaviors and expectations below.

Statement of Commitment:

As a member of the UMD campus community, I commit to promoting health and safety for myself and my colleagues through my awareness, actions, and attitudes, as follows:

• I will adhere to local, state, and federal public health and safety measures, and will consistently and conscientiously implement UMD policies, procedures, requirements, and recommendations.
• I will limit my exposure to COVID-19 by maintaining social distancing guidelines professionally and personally.
• I will wear the appropriate personal protective equipment and practice proper handwashing and other personal hygiene techniques frequently.
• I agree to closely monitor my health and will not enter a UMD building or participate in face-to-face research activities if I develop or display symptoms of COVID-19 including but not limited to fever, tiredness, and dry cough.
• I will monitor my temperature daily.
• I will clean and disinfect work surfaces each time I begin and end my work.
• I will follow other UMD guidelines for ethical research to protect the public health as necessary.
• I will comply with the policies and procedures established by my laboratory or research group and will comply with policies and procedures in other facilities used for my research.
• I understand that failure to follow these expected behaviors would be detrimental to public health efforts and could impact my ability to perform research or other tasks at UMD.

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