EUPA Volunteer Hours Submission
Individuals use this form to submit EUPA volunteer hours for personal accrual, to donate to a registered club team or to EUPA's Youth Programming.
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Earned Points - Hourly or Flat Rate Points
Most volunteer roles are hourly, e.g. setup, disc central etc... with a tier multiplier applied by EUPA to convert hours to points. There are some unique roles that earn 'Flat rate points', these are identified when you sign up for the role, e.g. Tournament director, league coordinator, coach.

Keep in mind the type of role you had volunteered when entering values.

**If you earned both flat rate and hourly points please submit one type of points per form. Link to submit new form will appear after you click submit on this form.
How many hours did you volunteer or what is the flat rate value of the points you earned? Please include units e.g. 3 hrs or 50 pts *
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If the points are for yourself, they can only be redeemed for in kind items such as EUPA swag or discount codes. You will be notified when redemption is possible.

If you donate your points to a club team, they will receive a cash payout at the end of the season. The club team will be notified of your name and number of points donated.

If you donate your points to EUPA's Youth Development Programs, the funds will be used to continue to grow the youth programming and to make leagues and clinics more affordable for youths to attend.

Redemption Options
You can split your hours/flat rate points between different redemption options. Please indicate below how many of your hours/flat rate points you want to go to each redemption option.
EUPA - Youth Development Programs
University of Alberta Ultimate (UAU)
Thank you for volunteering for EUPA!
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