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Hello! We are looking forward to meeting you : )

Please see info below. In addition, we will send email reminders!

DATES: August 24th and August 25th

TIMES: Please sign up for ONE time slot that works for you here.



- A quick warm-up to test your range
- We’ll play a series of notes for you and ask you to sing it back to us (tonal memory)
- A short, simple sight-reading exercise. If you aren’t very familiar with reading music, that is 100% okay! We just want to get an idea of where you are.
- A short solo (about 30 seconds or just a verse and a chorus) of a song of your choice. Your solo can be a song in any genre or style, however, we generally advise against musical theatre songs. Your solo is the perfect time to let your personality shine, so pick a song that you’ll have fun performing!

Please contact with any questions or if there is no time slot that works for you! We will contact you the week of auditions to confirm all info!

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IN ORDER TO ENSURE AN AUDITION TIME SLOT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU:           1. SIGN UP FOR A TIME SLOT (LINK IN DESCRIPTION OF FORM) and 2. SUBMIT THIS FORM                                                                                               *
We will be contacting you regarding your time slot and more information on the audition. In the meantime, do you have any other comments, questions or concerns?
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