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Update: we are placing the order at 4 pm Monday Feb 10th. If you want to place a last minute order, please fill out the form and send me a text/call me at 612-226-7033. Add $3 to your total for expedited transfer fees we'll need to cover from PayPal or Venmo to my account.

To ensure that I don't end up with way too many gallons of alcohol on my hands, and to help cover the several thousand dollars I would need to put up to make the order from my savings, I am requesting pre-payment. I faithfully promise not to disappear to Venezuela with the community money pot, and if there are any issues, to resolve them in a timely manner. If you are uncomfortable pre-paying, please contact me and we can discuss.

Calculate your total and send Via PayPal paypal.me/sageheather - please send as "friends and family" and not as "paying for a good or service," or PayPal will take out a service fee - or Venmo: @Heather-Sage-3

I will contact you to go over pickup date(s) and location (I live in South Minneapolis, but may be able to work something out to meet partway if need be). If you need more information, contact me at (612) 226-7033 or heather@aptusalchemy.com

Thank you for working together to bring more good medicine into our communities!

In warmth and gratitude,

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You will need to bring containers to fill, unless ordering 5 gallons (then you can take home the jug it comes in, thus the price break, due to much less hassle of dispensing) If you don't have containers you can use, would you like to order one gallon jugs to dispense into? I'll be placing an order for bottles and jars in the next week, and can add jugs to that order if need be. Glass, with a black phenolic cap (see picture above) UPDATE: jugs have already been ordered. You will need to bring your own jugs if placing a last minute order.
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I am an alchemist who supports culture healers to deeply adapt to the shifts in planetary and humxn consciousness so that they can claim their full spectrum of embodiment and expression. Would you like to be added to my mailing list for updates on herb walks, classes, and plant meditations, Astro-Herbal chart readings, an upcoming Earth Medicine apprenticeship, Deep Adaptation facilitation including conscious dance, grief tending, and much more good medicine?
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