PostgreSQL Ecosystem Survey
Please let us know what software you want to use with PostgreSQL. Here, "software" includes cloud services such as Amazon S3 for database backup storage and Amazon Key Management Service for storing the database encryption key. Your opinion will encourage us to develop interoperability of PostgreSQL.

* In this first page, select the software category. If the category is not in the list, add it by choosing "Other" and entering the category name in the text box, then submit the form. The new category will appear in the list. We chose category names based on the Wikipedia. If you are unsure, search the page for your software in Wikipedia and look at "Type" in the top section.

* In the second page, select the individual software. You can add software as in the first page.

* In the last page, describe your concrete request. Your detailed description will help us to determine what action we should take.

The new category/software option you add sometimes doesn't appear in the list immediately after you submit your response. That is probably due to some interaction between the Google Forms and the browser cache. In that case, just reload the page, and you can see the updated list.
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