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You want to apply to work with me? That's awesome!

Let me get some information about you before we chat. This allows me to get to know you and get a very good idea about what you want help with, your lifestyle, what you've struggled with in the past and of course what you'd like to achieve from us working together.

To ensure your application is processed and responded to in a timely fashion, answer each question in SPECIFIC DETAIL. No information is too much, even the gross bits! The more detail you provide, will help both you and I determine if we are suitable to work together and help you achieve long term success.

Yes, there are a lot of questions. Why? I want to know EVERYTHING about you no matter how big or small. I never assume that I know what you’re thinking or what you want for yourself. The worst coach is the one who thinks one way will work for everyone, it’s not the case. Every woman I’ve worked with is different and the best way for me to find out who you truly are and inevitably how to coach you to success is by asking a sh!t stack of questions. It also helps me keep your initial consulting fees free as I would be asking these questions face to face anyway.

I must warn you, I receive regular applications and have no problem saying no. So if your answers are short or vague and there’s no effort put into this questionnaire, I will not be able to help you. I only work with people who are 100% ready to change, are coachable and bring the right vibe to Team No Effort.

Answer these questions honestly and if I truly believe I can help you, I will be in touch ASAP. I can't wait to see your application!
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Full Name: *
Date Of Birth: *
Tell me a about your body goals. What does the future you look like physically? Be as specific and detailed as possible *
What clothes size are you now and what’s your dream size dress or person you want to look like? E.g Currently US 14 – dream dress US 4 or Eva Mendes! *
Tell me about your emotional goals. What does the future you look like in your headspace? Be as specific and detailed as possible *
In my experience, successful transformations have only been achieved by women just like you but who have a powerful, emotional and personal reason WHY they want to make them come to fruition. Tell me why your goals are so important to you? *
How committed are you to achieving your goals out of 10 (10 being most important, if not a 10 explain why)? *
What has prompted you to reach out to me? Has something happened that made you 'snap' and take action? *
What have you tried in the past to succeed? (diets, exercise, gyms, P.T’s - give positives and negatives of each experience) *
What’s the top three biggest challenges you face that sabotage your ability to maintain results long term? *
How long do you think it will take you to reach your goal? Be honest here *
What diagnosed food allergies/intolerances do you have? If any, be specific about diagnosis and from which medical profession type (e.g General Practitioner, Naturopath, Dietician.) *
Tell me about your food habits. Do you find yourself unable to stop eating even after feeling full? If yes be specific about what foods, when and how often this happens. Tell me how this makes you feel. *
Do you find yourself eating certain foods in private so as to not draw attention to your choices? If yes be specific about what foods, when and how often this happens. Tell me how this makes you feel. *
Do you ever self-induce vomiting after eating? If yes, explain in detail how often this happens, why you chose to do this and how it makes you feel. *
Do you avoid certain foods? If yes, list all foods that apply and why you chose to do this. *
What do you normally eat for breakfast? List all that apply. *
What do you normally eat mid morning? List all that apply. *
What do you normally eat for lunch? List all that apply. *
What do you normally eat mid afternoon? List all that apply. *
What do you normally eat for dinner? List all that apply. *
What do you normally eat for supper? List all that apply. *
How much water do you drink on average per day? *
How much coffee do you drink on average per day? *
How much tea do you drink on average per day? *
How much soda and juice do you drink on average day? *
Do you experience abdominal bloating? If yes please explain, what foods trigger this (if known), when this happens, what level of pain/un-comfortability and how long it lasts for before is dissipates. *
Do you have any cravings for food/liquids? If yes please be specific on what food types and how often these occur. *
Taking into the answers you’ve already given me. What’s kind of relationship you have with food now and how does it make you feel? *
What kind of food ‘freedom’ would you like to experience in the future? *
What type and how many alcoholic beverages would you have every week? *
Do you smoke tobacco *
Do consume any other illicit drugs? If yes, list all that apply, the amount and how often this occurs *
What are your energy levels like through the day? List highs/lows and times this generally happens *
Do you have a bed time/sleep schedule? E.g in bed by 930pm mid week and 11pm on weekends. If yes explain what your sleep routine is like. *
What is your sleep quality like. Select which best applies. *
Do you find your sleep schedule works for you or negatively impacts your life in some way? Be specific on positives and negatives. *
How many times are you sick/rundown in a 12 month period? *
How severe is your sickness when it comes on? E.g just a few early nights and I’m ok, I’m off work for the entire time, I usually end up in hospital. *
Tell me about your bowel movements. Select which best applies *
Tell me about any old or current injuries/physical restrictions you have and how they are made worse. *
Are you receiving medical/allied health treatment for the above or anything else relevant to your physical ability? E.g chiropractor for a sore neck, physiotherapist for fluid retention in my ankles *
Working with me means you’ll always get a custom design exercise program suited to both your goals, abilities and resources. I want you to be your own Personal Trainer and feel confident walking into a gym/workout to execute exercises that you know will enhance your results. This means you’ll learn the correct way to lift weights and the right type of cardio for you and your body. Are you okay allowing yourself to be a beginner, learning this aspect of your transformation and implement what you learn with me by your side the entire way? *
The above means it’s a requirement for my clients to obtain a gym membership for them to complete the majority of your workouts in their own time. Having access to a variety of free weights and weighted machines to conduct strength training (and building shapely muscle) drives 66% of your results! (not joking) Do you have a membership already with the above equipment or would you like me to help you find a gym suited to your needs that you can join in your area? *
Tell me about your exercise regime over the past 12months. Be specific about what exercise type, duration, frequency. Tell what you enjoyed and disliked about each. *
Tell me about your work commitments. *
Tell me about your other life and social commitments. *
The most successful, healthy and confident women are the ones who know how to prioritise themselves, their health and do it in a way that amplifies the rest of their lives. It’s pointless becoming a woman who is so committed to themselves that they can’t live their life beyond a stupid diet or exercise program. Learning how to fill your cup correctly so you can be hot, healthy as well as the best partner, friend, colleague, human etc. to others is paramount to you in my eyes. What are your thoughts on this? *
Working with me means I help you find the right balance in creating healthy habits around your life. The best success comes when we work as a team to find the sweet spot. What strategies (if any) do you have to prioritise your own personal time? Be specific *
Your support networks you have around you are critical to your success. If you have a partner, friend, housemate, family, they will be the people who you will need to rely on (aside from me) when you have days of self doubt to keep you moving. By making them aware of your goals and intentions to change some of your habits, adds another layer of accountability to yourself and gives them very clear guidelines of what support you need to succeed. Do they know about your goals and if so, do they have your FULL support with this? *
Tell me all the supplements you’re taking right now or have recently ceased. List all and explain why you are taking them. *
Tell me all the medication you’re taking right now or have recently ceased. List all and explain why you are taking them. *
Tell me about your skin. Do you have regular acne or pimple breakouts? If yes, list any known causes. *
Tell me about your hair growth. My head hair is: *
My facial hair is: *
My body hair is: *
Tell me about your finger and toe nail quality. Are your natural nails hard and brittle or soft and flexible, do they break, split easy? If you have false nails, use your feet as a guide. *
What does your cycle look like over the past 12 months? Include length of your bleed and how heavy include total cycle days on average. *
Do you find any regularity with your cycle no matter how different it is compared to a typical 28day schedule? *
When you have a bleed what initial symptoms do you experience if any? Please be specific and include the gross details. *
Do you experience pain of any type in your mid section? If yes, explain when, severity and how long it lasts. *
Do you have any other medical concerns conditions related to your PCOS? Please explain in specific detail of what they are and how they affect you. *
I only work with clients for a minimum of 18 months as I know through experience that this is the MINIMUM amount of time women truly need to address everything that has held them back in the past. I want you to stand a chance at permanent success through premium coaching. Are you ready to commit to yourself on this kind of level? *
Working with a coach like me comes at a financial investment. Likely the best investment you’ll ever make to achieve the health and body you’ve always wanted but couldn’t quite do it alone. I care about you and it’s in my best interest to see you succeed to a position where you can walk away from me in the future knowing how to be your own healer. *
Women always ask how the coaching experience really works. Being online means you can access your coaching support anytime. In addition to your hard copy resources I post you, you will receive a secure portal where your information and resources (workouts, reading material, food info) are loaded. Each week I send you specific task/s that help educate you, give me strategic information I need to be the best coach you’ve ever had and to keep you accountable to me/your goals. The amount of time required to learn and be active in your transformation to complete your tasks can vary from 30mins- 1.5hrs per week depending on where you are in your journey and when I feel you’re ready to progress. Some tasks are fun, some are boring but all completely necessary to grow into the future you. What are your thoughts on this? *
If you don't do something about where you are now, where do you think you'll be 12months and 5yrs from now if things keep going the way they have been? *
How many episodes of my podcast have you listened to, and what have you learned from them so far? *
What’s your biggest fear in committing to work with a coach like me? *
Last one! Why have you reached out to me in particular? There are plenty of coaches out there, so why me? *
Okay real that one, I promise... It's vital to make sure that not only do I think we'd be a good fit and I can help you, but I want you to be 100% certain that I'm the right coach for you. What questions do you have for me? Ask away, I'm an open book. *
Thankyou for taking the time to answer these questions. It means a lot to me and I'll be in touch once I've carefully read your responses. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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