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Spiritual Classes for Children (Age 06-12) | Saturdays 9:30 - 11:00 AM
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1. IMPORTANT: Please provide a valid and working EMail ID which is checked regularly in order to receive important announcements related to Balvihar.
2. IMPORTANT: Please provide a valid number for communication on WhatsApp. This will only be used to communicate any last-minute changes, important announcements and other relevant communication from the Balvihar Coordinator/Sevaks.. This will not be used for general messaging, chats, forwards, etc.
3. General updates regarding classes and other events at the Ashram will also be available online at: and on Facebook.
4. Chinmaya E-Connect is our weekly Email newsletter sent on the Monday of every week with important announcements, updates and other information. We recommend that you subscribe to it to ensure important information is not missed.
5. It is important that participants come regularly and on time for the classes. We request the parents' co-operation in this regard.
6. For any queries, please feel free to meet the Balvihar Co-ordinator (Smt. Nirmala Ramburn) or Acharyas at the Ashram or email us at
7. You will NOT receive any confirmation post registration. Please come directly on the day 15 minutes in advance to sort out formalities if any.
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