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We're absolutely flattered that you're choosing to have your group's function in Token! To keep the level of food quality to a high standard, we only take in two large groups per night* at two different times: we run with 5:30pm and 9pm timeslots with the starter out shortly after being seated, followed by mains over 2 stages (see info below). Unfortunately we cannot deviate from this schedule, and they are booked on a first come-first serve basis.

*Due to how busy we are on Friday and Saturday evenings, we're only able to book in groups of greater than 10 guests between Sunday and Thursday evenings. That said, on Fridays we can accommodate a large group at 4pm, or Saturdays between 12pm/noon and 4pm.

We've got food options (see info below) for large groups of 11+, which would get you all food at a special rate, and the tables are used for 1.5-2 hours depending on group size, up to 20 people on the main level when available, and up to 40 in the event space/lounge. You're of course also welcome to come in early to drink and game, and stay later for the same

We are also available to seat large groups for lunch from noon daily, but the Token Group Experience described below is only available during evening service, and during Saturday/Sunday lunch service. Groups can avail of the a la carte lunch menu on the weekdays.

All of Token can also be hired out and closed to the public if you're looking for a private party with a larger amount of guests. Please email to inquire about this.

If you can fill out the form below, we can get the ball rolling and save a date for you while we work to confirm everything. We'll get back to you within 24-48 business hours, if not sooner.

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TOKEN GROUP EXPERIENCE: €13 per person (Individual descriptions can be found here:
We know it's early days, but which starter option immediately jumps out at you for the whole group? *
And which two main options for the whole group? (Select 2 of the 3) *
Our tokens are 50 cents each (discounted bundle packages are available, e.g. 50 tokens for €20, 22 for €10) and all machines (bar Mario Kart and DDR) take only 1 token to play. Regarding tokens for the group, do you plan to: *
Regarding drinks on the night, do you intend to: *
Group bookings of 10 or more people will incur a mandatory service charge of 12% (gratuity for kitchen, wait, bar and game staff). *
We'll do everything within our means to ensure you have the best function ever. Are there any other special requirements you may have?
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