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1. Based on what you read, explain the Ivory Tower metaphor. *
2. What type of contributions do/can universities make to scientific understandings? *
3. Is research conducted by universities trust worthy or not? Explain your reasoning. *
4. Why might Universities be accused of forwarding particular agendas, and trying to get the public to believe certain things? Do you agree with this belief? explain. *
5. Look up a scientist working at an accredited university and answer the following series of questions
It will be helpful finding their biography or curriculum vitae (CV)
a. What is the person's name and education (MA, MS, or PhD) *
b. What department are they a part of? *
c. What type of courses do they teach? *
d. Read through the lists of their books and publications and try to figure out what their particular research focus is. *
e. What types of topics might they be considered reputable sources for? *
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